Treasure map stories:to improve concentration and observation




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出版地:City Of Industry, Calif.


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1 Spark logical thinking
2 Strengthen Pattern Identification
3 Enhance Concentration
4 Encourage Associative Learning
5 Train Imaginative Play
6 Strengthen Memory Power
7 Build Robust Vocabulary
8 Improve Parent-child relationship
9 Offer Topics For Children
10 Brain stimulating
stimulate their visual discrimination skills.
11Learn for pleasure with various interesting topics

  • Find the things Snow White
  • Count the numbers Little Mermaid
  • Find the magic Cinderella
  • Find the props Three Little Pigs
  • Find the animals Sleeping Beauty
  • Find the food The Little Match Girl
  • Find the traces Little Red Riding Hood
  • Find the tools Shepherd Boy
  • Maze Frog Prince
  • Find the animals Rapunzel
  • Find the things The Adventures of Pinocchio
  • Count the numbers Candy House
  • Find the clothes Puss in Boots
  • Find the animals Alice in Wonderland
  • Find Soldier’s facial expression The Steadfast Tin Soldier
  • Find the furniture Beauty and the Beast
  • Find the people Peter Pan
  • Find the animals The Ugly Duckling
  • Find the things Aladdin’s Lamp
  • Find the places The Wolf and the Seven Lambs
  • Find the food The Country Mouse and the City Mouse
  • Find people’s facial expression The Emperor’s New Clothes
  • Find the animals Jack and the Beanstalk
  • This “TREASURE MAP STORIES” amis to: