Strike back:soldier



作者:by Chew Sue Swen;illustrated by Quan Ying Sheng


出版社:Ace Mind Publishing Pte. Ltd.


集叢名:Profession Series:5



分類:兒童學習  英文書  

系列書: Profession series,本系列共8本

● 本書因出版社限制不提供朗讀功能

● 本書因出版社限制不提供繁簡轉換功能


Country M’s military forces have discovered that the government of Country N is perfecting new biological weapons for war.

They have to do everything within their power to stop Country N. Will Country M survive the use of biological weapons by Country N?


Story | Chew Sue Swen
A writer cum editor who loves to write and travel. She believes that life is full of countless possibilities and she did her best to create values on every moment of life. Her favourite quote is “Think free, think out of the box”.

Illustrator | Quan Ying Sheng
Comtemporary artist who works mostly on comics and ink art. His comics and ink artworks had won over 30 award s.
He became the founder of Zhong Bang Animation company on year 1999 and published nearly 3000 artworks. His
artworks are mostly published and distributed in China, Korea, Thailand and several Europe countries.